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Mieszkaniec Shire

WpisWysłany: 21-11-2004 11:39    Temat wpisu: TolkienCon 2005 (CZ) Odpowiedz z cytatem

As of previous year, the TolkienCon 2005 will take place on January 14-16 in Prague. What's it? It's the biggest Tolkien event in CZ ever - originally organized upon FotR movie premiere, it grew into the greatest, cross-organization event of Tolkien fandom in CZ.

The basic info:

The place will be (as usual) school near centre of Prague. Sleeping is provided in school's gym, food can be obtained in neighbour restaurants/shops. Regarding the program, it's still being defined, but the following points are 99% sure:

The competitions:

- creative competition of works inspired by JRRT in categories: Drawing (hand or computer graphics), Other techniques (statue etc.)
- literal competition in categories: Novel, Poem and Expert Research on JRRT works

The lectures:

- Languages II (Silent et outres)
- Sword and Love (Františka Vrbenská)
- Dragons not only in Middle-earth (Ruby)
- The Fall - Melkor, Feanor (Nenymir)
- Arms and weapons (HaD)
- Demography and armies in LotR (Smaug)
- Phenomens and something strongly religionstic-technologic (Andre and his mate)
- Dynamic of JRRT's world
- Chat (Laďa, Andre, Nenymir, Silent, Michael Bronec, Laisi Finwen et outres)
- Music inspired by JRRT works (Belcarnen)
- and others, still being defined (Women element in JRRT works, JRRT in Japan, ...)


- Music-theatre performance "Fall of Gondolin" (Linda et outres)
- Theatre performance DiProTo /NaBeR/ - Monty Python's Fifteen-minute Silmarillion
- Half-pantomimic musical Leithian
- Quiz (Smaug)

More details (in Czech) on

Note for abroad friends: If you would like to arrive, please write me an e-mail till January 4, I will assist you locally if necessary. Beware, maximum number of attendees is limited because of space avaiable, so the sooner you'll confirm your visit, the better.
The maximum entrance fee is around 27 zl/person (Friday -Sunday, 2 nights sleeping)
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